Rudi Williams
Rudi Williams

unfixed: σκιά σκιά σκιά, ombra ombra ombra, shadow shadow shadow

Edition of 15



A self published artist book that was released to coincide with Rudi Williams’ eponymous solo exhibition at Sutton Gallery, Melbourne; 10 July — 10 September, 2021. The work is informed by Williams’ view that each image is an artifact of experience, translated through photographic processes. This recent iteration of an ongoing work combines photographs from her archive with unfixed silver gelatin paper to create a book that responds to the environment it is viewed in as well as being a record of the works included in her 2021 exhibition.


unfixed: σκιά σκιά σκιά ombra ombra ombra shadow shadow shadow is a constantly changing object. The light sensitive cover and internal light sensitive pages will darken and absorb touch when viewed. After multiple viewings the pages will separate from the delicate cloth binding.


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25.2 × 20 × 1.5 cm
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