Rudi Williams
Rudi Williams


2016, English

Leporello folding postcard set

Edition of 100,

Published by Self-Published / Melbourne


A response to Octavius La Rosa’s private collection of runway COMME des GARÇONS. This collaboration between Melbourne based artist Rudi Williams and fashion and textiles display specialist Annette Soumilas is a portrait of Octavius La Rosa through the documentation of his collection.

A 20 card publication set contained in a 25cm x 20cm blind embossed folder. The nineteen photographs document twenty-two COMME des GARÇONS runway garments dated from 2012 – 2018.

The photographs were created using a 5 x 4 large format film camera; each scenario a studied, in camera response to Rei Kawakubo’s designs and concepts, the engineering of the garments and the psychological space the garments inhabit for the wearer.

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