Rudi Williams
Rudi Williams

Vanishing Point

Edition of 15



Vanishing Point is a series of bags constructed by Melbourne based up-cycle designers Up Shop Industries from Vantage Point, Rudi Williams’ 2019-2021 public commission for Metro Tunnel. Displayed on the corner of Swanston Street and Franklin Street in Melbourne CBD, the hoarding was a series of fragmented observations of the Metro Tunnel excavation sites from the vantages of surrounding architecture and infrastructure. Renamed as Vanishing Point in bag form, the repurposed images become impressionistic blowups of the excavation sites photographs, drawing attention to the grain and pixels at the foundations of the images used in the original artwork and graffiti that accumulated during the display of the hoarding.


Digital print on vinyl, 33x36x15cm. 


With thanks to Metro Tunnel creative program and Up Shop Industries. 



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